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Barrel dem Charlie Glitch - LXXXVII (1987) E.P
Charlie Glitch - LXXXVII (1987) E.P

Charlie Glitch a.k.a. Carlos Rodriguez is the godfather of Chicago ghetto house music (above he's posing with the mayor) or maybe I should say house music from the ghetto a.k.a. South Side ... at least for the new generation. I know many will say, what about DJ Funk, Houz'Mon, DJ Slugo ... but you have to remember that house music in Chicago evolves faster than a cane toad in heat. Anyway, Charlie has a new E.P. - LXXXVII (1987), which I just recently realized was that was Charlie's birth year ... damn I'm old!

So to the E.P. - it starts of with Alien Sex ... which is pretty sexy, if you are into aliens but definitely upbeat and sexy and puts you on edge at the same time. Next is Drop It - which starts of chill and un-expecting and then builds, going through some nice piano along the way to a build upon another build until the drop where you get to an amalgamation of synths, kick drums and rhythm. El Beeper is the next selection - immediately you are in slowed up merengue sounds of Oro Solido's Huye, Se Encenio El Beeper with some samples and rework. Jazzy Rave Days is an excellent rework of Stacy Kidd & Mike Dixon's Downtown Mix - and easily my favorite on the E.P. Finally, Kicks and Stix is a percussion based tribute to the early rave days of strictly percussion based rhythm.

Here's some footage from Charlie's release party at Chicago's famous Dolphin club:

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