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The Church - Starfish Barrel dEM
The Church - Starfish
I recently posted about the sounds of my high school years. That list would not be complete without mentioning this album, The Church - Starfish. Voted by me as one of the sexiest albums of all time. If you can't get laid to this, then you might as well give up all your possessions and become a eunuch.

The Church moved to L.A. to record this album and they hated L.A. Why? Because it wasn't Sydney.  They went to get the polished production sounds that came about from working with Robert "Waddy" Wachtel and Greg Ladanyi. Lead singer Steve Kilbey said:

"The Church came to L.A. and really reacted against the place because none of us liked it. I hated where I was living. I hated driving this horrible little red car around on the wrong side of the road. I hate that there's no one walking on the streets and I missed my home. All the billboards, conversations I'd overhear, TV shows, everything that was happening to us was going into the music".

That unease translated well into their album and Starfish became a breakthrough album. 20+ years later, it still sounds golden.

"Destination" (00:00)
"Under the Milky Way" (5:53)
"Blood Money" (10:51)
"Lost" (15:16)
"North, South, East And West" (20:06)
"Spark" (24:56)
"Reptile" (32:31)
"A New Season"(37:39)
"Hotel Womb" (40:26)
"Texas Moon" (46:09)
"Perfect Child" (51:54)
"We both know why you are here"(54:48)
"Frozen And Distant"(57:09)
"Anna Miranda" (1:01:08)
"Nose Dive"(1:04:12)
"Under the Milky Way" (acoustic)(1:11:50)
"Antenna" (acoustic)(1:15:59)
"Spark" (acoustic)(1:19:46)
"Warm Spell"(1:23:14)

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