Summer of '90 3 Falls
Summer of '90 - 3 Falls
Recently on an unusually warm day, I took a drive to some of my old hangout spot from my "salad years" while listening to retro music and waxing nostalgiac. The pic taken above was a particularly memorable spot called "Three Falls", now closed off as you can see. The spot consisted of three waterfalls, the uppermost draining into a very small pool which you could jump into if you did it just right. I t could not have been more than 10' by 10' and 15' deep ... so it was pretty tricky. We would camp and drink and hang out by the fire, usually listening to something like this:

The Charlatans U.K. have such a unique sound, even to this day. It is definitely the organ. We would crank the entire 'Some Friendly' album. If it wasn't that, it was:

Yes, the original punk hipsters.

Often, I long for those nostalgic days ... mainly, I miss my friends. While they are still around, we don't share the same connection. Maybe I should plan a nostalgic day where we get together, cruise around, listen to old music and drink some beers. Of course, the difference being a sober driver this time because life is different now. Who's down?

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