We Are You In the Future - Martyn

The proficient techno producer from Amsterdam was in town (SF) this past weekend and played a killer set at the high-ceilinged, new-speaker-system-pounding club Mighty. Martyn did an excellent job of course, playing a handful of jams I was familiar with prior to seeing him live in addition to a ton of wicked new productions! There was also some live performance-improvisational-type business going on as well... :D

In honor of the excellent set he played, and the quality music he puts out, I wanted to post my favorite track of his- We Are You In the Future:

It's an epic techno journey that jams right when it should! Takes you places, but keeps it movin'.

I recently came across a remix of the track by Redshape that's really nice, a much chiller take on Martyn's futurist journey:

Redshape is a character! His identity is unknown to the public and he goes around wearing a red mask to keep it that way.

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