PURE PLEEAASSUURREE :: Fuck Buttons - Slow Focus [FULL ALBUM - 2013]

Fuck Buttons Slow Focus Barrel~dEM
Fuck Buttons - Slow Focus

On their third album - Slow Focus, Bristol band Fuck Buttons have really perfected the art of an epic album ... and how could you not create epic-ness with a band name like that. Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power started the group in 2004 after meeting in school. Influenced by Aphex Twin and Mogwai, their first project was creating a soundtrack for a movie by Hung.

Once they started playing live, the created a cult following and were signed in 2007 to All Tomorrows Parties affiliated ATP Records.

Fuck Buttons will definitely take you on a journey. Their music is genre shattering and their achievement is monumental.

1. "Brainfreeze" 0:00
2. "Year of the Dog" 8:33
3. "The Red Wing" 13:12
4. "Sentients" 21:00
5. "Prince's Prize" 27:25
6. "Stalker" 31:47
7. "Hidden XS" 41:56

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