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The Beatnuts - Street Level - Barrel~dEM
The Beatnuts - Street Level

Back in the day when I was a young adult a into good-ass hip-hop, I got turned onto The Beatnuts ... not only were they jazzy / funky / cool but they seemed to be somewhat emulating A Tribe Called Quest's - Midnight Marauders at least with the 3rd track - Props Over Here that hit #39 on the U.S. Hot Rap Singles. I always considered them to be Tribe, mixed with Beasties, with a dash of Puerto Rican. I still get chills listening today. Sure it's misogynistic ... but it's a capture of pure 90's hip-hop and the beats still hit no harder.

A1 Intro 1:46
A2 Ya Don't Stop
Producer – Lucien 3:06
A3 Props Over Here
Keyboards – Lenny Underwood 4:00
A4 Hellraiser 3:10
A5 Are You Ready 3:14
A6 Superbad 3:56
A7 Straight Jacket 3:56
A8 Let Off A Couple 1:43
A9 Rik's Joint 4:01
B1 Fried Chicken 3:57
B2 Yeah You Get Props 3:29
B3 Get Funky 3:37
B4 Hit Me With That 3:36
B5 2-3 Break 3:17
B6 Lick The Pussy 4:18
B7 Sandwiches 1:43
B8 Psycho Dwarf 5:32

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