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Matthew Silver Street Artist barrel~dEM
Matthew Silver

I can't stop watching it. There has been a video making the rounds on facebook of a crazy long-haired, long-bearded guy ... who must clearly be a crazy guy on drugs answering questions about life, advice to younger generations and passion. Why wouldn't he be on drugs? He's clearly making sense and making farting noises with his mouth ... but I doubt it's the drugs talking. NYC Street Performer Matthew Silver is hardly crazy, in fact, rather than spending much of his time in a job he hates, he get's paid to do what he loves - which is to perform. He also records weddings on the side for extra money ... but that's hardly work either, right? Just knowing that Matt loves me, makes life better.

For more info on Matt, just search youtube for Matthew Silver and you can hear his story, see more performances and get to know him a little better.


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