CHET FAKER::Your seduction soundtrack

Chet Faker Your seduction soundtrack Barrel~dEM
Chet Faker

CHET FAKER is shoving Rhye and Sade out of the way for me and making music to thrill to over here.

Serving Suggestion: gluttony.

Serves: as much as you can handle.

Instructions: Put in on and in your headphones, text them and ask them over for dinner, go shopping for gorgeous food and get something silly while you're at it. Cook. Turn off the cooker. Open the door. Pick up the panties and eat the cold dinner in the morning.

He made us all want it, no doubt, with his EP, 'Thinking in Textures' a few years ago.

And now he's released an incredible full length album.The first single made saxophones the new hipster apt must have

And the follow up's video is too way hot to keep to myself...

Check out the full length album here.

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