FAVORITE MIX EVER :: Lary Breaks - Sub-Strata (Sub Side)

Lary Breaks - Sub Strata
Good things truly do come to those who wait. Back in the mid 90's, I picked up a Jungle mixtape - Lary Breaks - Sub Strata ... somewhere along my journeys in the mid-west rave scene. I played that tape so many times. I blew my speakers in my car. I made my fellow companions listen along the journey. Somewhere along the way, that tape met its demise.

Cut to many years later, I managed to get in touch with Lary via email. "Please send me another tape." I pleaded. "Sorry, but I don't have any more copies." A few years after that, I tried again. "I might be able to re-create the mix." he said. I waited. Then tonight, I'm mindlessly going through Facebook, then OMG - what's this?!?! Lary has uploaded your favorite mix to Soundcloud!!!

So, here I am listening ... reminiscing ... thinking about friends I've lost.

Starting at 25:00 is when this thing hits pure magic. I just wanted to point out. But, listen to the whole thing. It purely is old school jungle at it's finest. Thank you Lary! Thank you ... thank you ... thank you!!!!

In memory of Ajani "Burt" Ellis ... rest in peace my friend.

No Boats

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