FIFI RONG :: Intimacy (Phaeleh Remix)

I'm kind of a hippy. And I've been feeding this over the past few months with a Kundalini Dance and tantra practice. It's paying off in a lot of awesome ways, but this is not the scene for that conversation. As would be expected, the dancing through this practice is set to super sweet and hot music. My groove has been particularly vibing to this track in particular. Mad love and light to Leyolah Antara and her Kundalini Dance practice (and amazing soundcloud playlists) for the wake up call to beauty.


OKSURE :: Xylo

Ok, sure I've told you about her before but now the world is sitting up and taking notice and you wanna be in the crew that knew her when.
This track is a year old, but recent 3RRR and TripleJ radio and media attention has brought it back up for me. The rolling dark and twisted beat is signature Ok Sure and there's just enough Depeche Mode echoes to keep me going. You want this.



AUGUSTE :: Slow Motion

I miss Alaska.

And I can't wait for this to be remixed. Not complaining, just..y'know



VALLIS ALPS :: THRU & everything else they've ever even looked at

 Seriously, nothing interesting or important has ever come out of Canberra (let's not get political, ok?) .. until this. (And Jessica Fairburn, but whatever)

Vallis Alps is making me choke on my sandwich and shake my ass down here. They're sticky sweet and simple songs are hooky as hell - don't let their super chill starts catch you at a place you don't want to be seen bouncing your sexy ass around (where would that even be??), each of their 4 released songs build up to bust out serious grooves that beg booty shaking.

I'm apparently within the first 3 million people to discover this bi-hemispheric duo (hailing from Seattle/Canberra according to their soundcloud page), which means that you are now among the chosen and the few. If you like them, give them some love on their TripleJ Unearthed page  - which by the way is an awesome resource for finding evermore aussie talent.

You're welcome.

And I love you.



I SO FUCKIN LOVE THIS :: Jonsi - Tornado (Fuck Buttons Remix)

Barrel~dEM, Jonsi - Tornado (Fuck Buttons Remix)
Jonsi - Tornado (Fuck Buttons Remix)

Imagine if your favorite song from your favorite artist got remixed by your favorite remix fuckers ... I almost died. Fuck Buttons took on Jonsi, I am forever humbled ... I may never recover. If we played this at every war zone, battle zone, border checkpoint, jail intake .... we would have no more struggle.

no boats


Symbiosis Gathering Retrospective

Symbiosis Gathering Retrospective Barrel~dEM
Symbiosis Gathering Retrospective
I recently had the pleasure of attending the Symbiosis Gathering 10-year reunion in Oakdale, California. Camping, drinking & dancing with friends, sundown to sunrise is always a great time! Such was my anticipation for Symbiosis that I threw together a little dj mix beforehand to share with my camp mates, celebrating a handful of my favorite artists on this year's lineup.
Listening to this mix since getting back from Symbiosis, I've realize it duly captures both the variety of electronic music flavors and the eclectically free-spirited vibes ever present at this year's gathering. Hope you enjoy listening to the mix! See you at the next Symbiosis 2017! They're skipping a year and relocating the fest to Oregon to coincide with the Great American Eclipse, set to occur in August 2017, and which will be the first Total Solar Eclipse visible on the West Coast since 1979!


ANCIENT GODS :: Exuma - Dambala

ANCIENT GODS :: Exuma - Dambala Barrel~dem
Exuma - Dambala

It's rare you hear a song this powerful ... that hits you to the core. This is a song about an ancient spirit that still thrives today. Dambala aka Damballa is the most important of the Voodoo gods, Damballa is the Sky Father and the primordial creator of all life. He rules the mind, intellect, and cosmic equilibrium. Damballa, as the serpent spirit and "The Great Master", created the cosmos by using his 7,000 coils to form the stars and the planets in the heavens and to shape the hills and valleys on earth. By shedding the serpent skin, Damballa created all the waters on the earth. Damballa is syncretized with either Saint Patrick, Christ the Redeemer, Our Lady of Mercy, or Moses.er watching

So, I heard this track after watching "Catch Me Daddy", which is an incredibly dark and powerful movie. There are many covers, including one by Nina Simone, but this one by Exuma is extremely tribal and powerful. Just have a listen.

Here are the lyrics:

Sing of the wings of a three toad frog
Eat weeds from the deepest part of the sea
bring the trumpet from heaven
And the fire from hell
Then nobody can break the spell

Oh Dambala, come Dambala
Oh Dambala, come Dambala

On the seventh day God will appear
On the seventh night Satan will be there
On the seventh day God will appear
On the seventh night Satan will be there

Oh Dambala, come Dambala
Oh Dambala, come Dambala

You slavers will know what it's like to be a slave
A slave to your hearts, a slave to your head
A slave to your souls, a slave to your graves

You won't go to heaven
You won't go to hell
You'll remain in your graves
with the stench and the smell

Oh Dambala, come Dambala
Oh Dambala, come Dambala

I'll melt down your walls
I'll melt down your steel guns
I'll make you dumb
I'll make you blind

Dambala send demons
Dambala send angels
Dambala send fire
Dambala send water

Oh Dambala, come Dambala
Oh Dambala, come Dambala

BONUS: Nina Simone version

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FLOATING :: Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Tk Beauty (Original mix)

Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Tk Beauty (Original mix) Barrel~dEM
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Tk Beauty (Original mix)

Still as yet officially unreleased, Kollektiv Turmstrasse's track "Tk Beauty" is definitely a warm hug on a cold winter day ... or a cold hug on a warm summer day. The song was originally brought to my attention from the duo's Soundcloud mix posted last X-mas; the recommendation from my fellow soundphile, blogger and friend Scotty aka Ansible-Futurist when I was looking for a good mix to check out. I highly recommend listening to the whole thing, though the opener is definitely my favorite. It's very reminiscent of Orbital's classic tune "Halcyon".

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SUNDAY MORN SACRAMENT :: James Murphy 50 min Boiler Room DJ set

As a former Mormon, I used to bear my testimony a lot. Maybe it was getting up at the pew ... maybe it was recitng those memorized words. Whatever, the Holy Ghost was in me, now he's back -- and his name is James Murphy! STRAIGHT GOSPEL!


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THE LINE IS DISAPPEARING :: GTA 5 Wildlife Documentary | Onto The Land

Thanks to the 8-Bit Bastard crew (Chaney555, Gordymills and Shoalts), we now have a slew of fiction and now even documentaries filmed in the GTA V universe. "Onto The Land" follows the plight of prey vs predator in the struggle to survive on the island of San Andreas.

Be sure to check out all their videos in the channel, including the remakes of Boardwalk Empire, Sopranos and The A-Team.

YouTube ---- http://youtube.com/8bitbastardgaming
Facebook --- http://facebook.com/8bitbastard
Twitter ------- http://twitter.com/8bit_bastard

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WHALE OF A SET :: Moby [DanceTrippin] Space Ibiza DJ Set

Moby [DanceTrippin] Space Ibiza DJ Set Barrel~dEM
Moby [DanceTrippin] Space Ibiza DJ Set

Moby is back!!! Did he ever leave, well no ... maybe just dropped of the radar. If you think his skills have diminished, then think again and check out this mammoth hour long set from Space on Ibiza from 2013. It has some old, new and remixed Moby classics. Perfect for pre-gaming on a friday night.

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PERKED UP :: N'to - Live November 2013 WeAre Together

N'to Barrel~dEM
N'to - Live November 2013 WeAre Together

Sometimes, the universe just drops a banger in your lap. In this case it's a whole mix of bangers. I submit, for your approval N'to. I don't know much other than he was born in Marseille, France in 1985 and has been a music addict all his life. I stumbled across this live mix from November 2013 and had to share. It's got all the bells and whistles and horns. Take a peak.

That second track is killing it :)


N'to & Grant Lazlo - Minor Swag
N'to - The Sand Dealer
N'to - Petite
Worakls - Bleu (N'to Remix)
Boss Axis - Pitau (N'to Remix)
Worakls - When The Birds Go In The Wrong Way (N'to Remix)
N'to - After Laughter
N'to - Utopia
N'to - Every Wall Is A Door
Mode B - Antwerpen (N'to Remix)
N'to - 1825
Worakls - Souvenir (N'to Remix)
N'to - Trauma
N'to - T'es Triste
N'to - The Bosnian


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Julian Lozano aka JXL
Julian Lozano aka JXL

Rebel, Enlightened, Master MC, Vegan, Passionate, Activist ... just a few words to describe my bro, Julian Xavier Lozano aka JXL, a Chicago rapper whose skill is right on point. He is already releasing singles from his new album, which is out soon - Document 35, and is poised to hit the big time with his style of "in your face", positive, conscious Hip Hop.

Check out the lyrics to "Live In The Moment"

"My past I forgave it and then advanced
pulling lyrics out of my ass like a center snap
want me to keep it short and sweet like an epitaph?
Never man! I gotta pully my weight like a petty cab with this pen and pad
child at heart reppin' neverland
I was on my last leg like Lieutenant Dan
now I F'in stand on the stage you can't reprimand
peace in my DNA it is in every strand"

JXL-Live In The Moment (Produced by Downtown Music)(Lava Lab)

JXL- "You Are Not A Slave" (ft. Rico Sisney & Carla Starla) (Produced By Tone Jones)


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LEGENDS :: FUSE Presents J Dilla's Vinyl Collection - Crate Diggers

FUSE Presents J Dilla's Vinyl Collection
R.I.P. Dilla
If you don't know Dilla, then move on this isn't for you ... in fact, I'm not sure we can be friends. No wait, come back - I was harsh. For James Dewitt Yancey aka Jay Dee aka Jay Dilla was a humble man. He himself didn't want recognition for most of the stuff he did. He only wanted to create ... and create he did.

So even if you aren't a Hip Hop fan, watch this to discover the passion one man had for his art and why his name will reign in the hall of legends long after his passing.

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WHAT I'VE BECOME :: Michael Seary ft. Luke Cusato - Can't Say It Back (Feint Remix)

Michael Seary ft. Luke Cusato - Can't Say It Back (Feint Remix)
 Michael Seary ft. Luke Cusato - Can't Say It Back (Feint Remix)

I've only just come across Feint, but I'm an instant fan. With sounds like this, it's time to dig deeper into the Feint crate.

UPDATE: I've just heard the original and have to give it credit too. Check it below.

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JARRYD JAMES :: Do You Remember

This guy keeps having visions of himself meditating with Thai monks. And his teeth hurt. So he's going to Thailand for awhile. Obvs. And for his going away he's hosting a "Super Sexy Soul Grind Dance Sweat " event. Tickets are limited to 50 and the secret event location is shared with each person individually, but only once they've shared two hot tracks on the event page. And these tracks make up the playlist for the night. Awesome, right? I can't wait for Friday night..



Moulinnex feat Peaches :: Maniac

I went to the best show I've ever been to in my whole goddamn life last night (James Welsby and friends' YUMMY). Despite being intimidated by the ridiculously gorgeous drag and extreme (yet nonchalant) level of talent in the room, and being squished in at the back of the room where I couldn't see a goddamn thing, it was, hands down, the BEST. I don't have to move back to SF anymore... I've found my camp crowd, I just have to step up and into my fab.

And this is just the soundtrack for it.



ALPINE :: Foolish and Damn Baby

I stopped my rent check last week to buy tickets to go to Sydney. And while I was there a girlfriend put ALPINE on... It's not summer in Australia now, but with these slinky and sweet tunes on, it's sunny where ever you are.



DANIEL JOHNS' solo album :: TALK

I live in Australia. You should probably have realized that by now, but you most likely don't know why.

SILVERCHAIR, more specifically, Daniel Johns. His ridiculous artistic talent has been evolving in it's expression for the past 20 years (yes frogstomp is 20 year's old, 6 year's older than Chris, Ben and Daniel were when the album was released).

I fell of the beautiful bandwagon for a few years, and this new music from Johns is absolutely nothing at all like anything you ever heard by Silverchair, but my oh my does the album that Johns released last month as a solo artist make me fall in love so many more times over again.

We all grow and change and I'm rapt with the evolution of Johns creative genius.
Preach boy, you are on fire, and don't ever stop.




PBS FM delivered this hot track when I was in my teddybear onesie packing for an impromptu weekend away. I had about 30 mins to pack... I spent 8 of them shaking my teddy bear ass to this track. Turn up the bass - that backline takes you out of this world


ALT-J :: Left Hand Free (Lido Remix)

I have no idea what the words are to the cocaine-like hook of this remix, but I'm attempting to replicate them nearly constantly. Watch out, it's that addictive.
A supremely staccato track, there's no smooth but lots of bounce, up and at'em and get it done in this track.



THIS WAY NORTH :: Pretty Much

I like the sweet and simple these days. There are more than enough planets  going backwards, plans falling through, complicated text messages and inside out upside down relationships going around to keep the masses entertained by drama and intrigue for centuries.

This Way North's clean california rock riff,  homicidally crisp and melodic drums and catchy repetitive message/lyric is soothing for my sore mind. Admittedly, the tune seems to refer to a relationship complication, but it's in the past, so I'm still in favor. Let's move through it, past it and sing along, shall we?

Reminds me of Friends and Sons of the Sun.. again, not complaining





The future is meta. The future is now. Remixes, mash ups, refixes, copyleft, biting my style ... it's ok. It's more than ok, it's a compliment - making or changing random universes from Xanadu to GTA V.
That's the way it is. Get with the program.

LIFELIKE "SO ELECTRIC" from Hugo RedRose on Vimeo.

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HIP HOP DOCS THAT POP :: Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton | This is Stones Throw Records

Stones Throw Records Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton Barrel-dEM
Stones Throw
In 1996, Chris Manak aka Peanut Butter Wolf founded Stones Throw records. His best friend MC Charles Hicks (Charizma) had just been slain in a carjack attempt and Manak created the label to release their debut album.

Though most well known for bringing the highest caliber underground Hip Hop artists to the forefront - names such as Madlib aka Quasimoto, JRocc, MF Doom, and J Dilla ... the label was always a petri dish for more eclectic artists to do their own thing - whether or not there was a market for it.

Manak's mantra has always been - “I put out what I personally like and save the rest for the other labels out there”

This is his story.

View trailer and video below. Also available on Netflix.

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THE AFTERLIFE :: Dan Deacon - When I Was Done Dying

Barrel-dEM Dan Deacon - When I Was Done Dying
Dan Deacon

The amazing Dan Deacon has done it again. His latest, Gliss Riffer is a polished album which retains the essence of the original sound which made him great. From that album, “When I Was Done Dying” is an incredible song and was made into a surreal video featured in Adult Swim's - Off The Air.

I was showing this to a friend recently and he loved it. He preceded to share his Bonnaroo Dan Deacon story and showed me footage of the show with him in it. Then he precedes to tell me that Dan is good friends with someone who lives here and has probably been to this rural pitstop more than once. It just goes to show ... the world is smaller than you think.

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GOLD ZEBRA:: Drift Away

I've been in hiding in Montreal for the past month. That hasn't worked that well. There's ice and snow and hot beats here. Nevermind the gorgeous accents, amazing food and off the charts charisma. 
Tomorrow I drift away, again. Mais je vais revenir à toi, mon amour, je te promis.



The Marco :: LANCE I,II & III

I have a google alert for "burning man" - hilarious, I know. Impossible to keep up on, especially before I put quotation marks around it. So so dumb... just another daily email to ignore and add to my 3,000+ unread, un-valued first world internet property items. Like contemporary Oregon Trail that we actually take seriously. Ha. Whoa.

I'm not cool enough to have any idea what's going on here, but this trilogy (I doubt there is a number 4) made me laugh, feel like maybe I would fit in somewhere in this world and want to share the soundtrack to my most recent bout of procrastination/cat-like avoidance strategies.

And the second video is called 'Burning Man'



ROCK WITH YOUR BLOC OUT :: Bloc Party- Better Than Heaven

Barrel~dEM Bloc Party- Better Than Heaven
Bloc Party- Better Than Heaven

Definitely my favorite tune off Bloc Party's third album Intimacy .... Better Than Heaven is the perfect platform to show off singer Kele Okereke's vocal talents. The song begins immediately with verse over bass notes and continues until halfway through, the bass notes give way to a guitar driven climax. With lyrics like "You get sadder, the smarter you get - and it's a bore", Kele is telling us that as we lose our innocence - we can become more jaded. But that's ok because "If this world does not turn you on ... well I've got enough for the both of us". Stop thinking, start feeling ... it's only sin, original sin.

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GHOST LOFT :: Seconds.... and echoes

This song has been haunting me and I didn't know it until I heard it (again) for the first time.

What ghosts have you found in your direct view?




ELLIE GOULDING :: Tesselate, ODESZA :: Say My Name - soundtrack to the fall

It happened. After 6 solid months together, I finally fell in love with San Francisco. There was a soundtrack, of course.

I got into my app-ordered, decentralized economy ride home and found I was happily sharing it, not only with a cute'n'cozy couple in the back but these sexy tunes.

A lot of people can complain, I'm not one of them



JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW - Higher Love and Wicked Game

I love the 80s, and pretty much andything that ever makes me think of the 80s. Remarkably, James Vincent McMorrow's cover takes Steve Winwood's big huge band-tancular song and makes it shine even brighter with a gentle and synth-less call for connection.

oh and there's this...




Staying with the softly stunning sounds that seem to be what my bones, shattered or not, need, The Half Earth is really working for me.

The (unfortunately) English singer's debut EP 'Light Breaks In' (lyric from the gorgeous 'Borders', listen below) is released today. Get it on Amazon for nothing more than chump change.



HOPIUM :: Cut and Run For Your Life, Dreamers

Following the love trail from Dustin Tebbutt lead me to the dark and twisted otherside of love in Hopium. Y'know that feeling that everything is beautiful and smooth, but the sinking sensation that you're just really high on endorphins and other chemicals that just won't last... The Melbourne-based band/production trio is making me a little excited to return to the gretty grey of that city, but I know the citysads will be there to greet me.. From "Dreamers": You said this would be your year / But you fucked around, now December’s here...



It's all happening - it's all changing and getting full of art and life and awe and wonder.. and drones.

This was what the abandoned power station in my Australian hometown was like when I left eight months ago (recognize the soundtrack of my haunting)

(ghost loft - seconds)

And now it's got a name, The PowerHouse Geelong and it is the state's latest graff and street art mecca. With massive 5-storey pieces by RONE and by MAYO on the exterior, and a plethora of works by over 50 big names inside including UNWELL BUNNY, ADNATE, OHNOES, SKUBZ, POISE, DUKE, ITCH, BLACKSKYBLUE and so many more...

music - KEYS N KRATES :: Understand Why

music - DJ YODA :: Big Trouble in Little China, U No Likey That

For more info, see this Post by ABC News Geelong.



DUSTIN TEBBUTT :: Where I Find You

I like the sexy songs, it's true. But underneath it all, I'm a hopeless romantic.

This song caught my heart awhile ago and I just found it in my shazam tags, and so.. Shazam! Shaquille O'Neal just brought it back to life for me to share it with you. You're welcome. I love you too. (that's how that movie went, right?)

Check out his soundcloud for a serious soundtrack for realizing romance in winter; snow on eyelashes, oatmeal and tea, watching the ice melt, throwing snowballs, cold air laughter, falling in snowdrifts...



KILLDOZER and YANIS MARSHALL :: Nasty Boys in all the ways

The dance gods smiled upon me once again and graced me this video a few days ago

Yanis Marshall is simply killing it in commercial/vogue choreography, with insane style and strut, riding high upon his 6" heels, homopride and exquisite technique.

And then...

Killdozer's cover of Janet Jackson's "Nasty Boys" is the perfectly suited reaction that evaded me, but thankfully a more complicatedly poetic internetter shared it.

Oh Lord almighty, what WOULD Yanis do with this track... and those boys...?!!!



LAPALUX (feat. Kerry Leatham) :: Without You (more music for making babies)

If you read my (ittermittant) posts you know I like the sexy stuff.. Rhye, Chet Faker, FKA Twigs,... let's add Lapalux to that list, shall we?




My brother from another mother, J-X aka Julian Lozano has just dropped his first album Document 33. The album is pure inspirational, genius, passion and perspition. julian's is hip-hop's answer to the question ... can positive lyricism have the same power as other forms of hip-hop? The answer is a strong ...YES ... Check out Disillusioned -

and Live in the Moment shot and edited by Lava Lab Media -

and finally the art of freestyle at Chicago's Emerald PALACE -
freestyle at emerald palace



no boats


LOVEBIRDS :: Want you in my soul - And getting your ass up and shaking like it should

The slow sweet beats of this track soon give way to a seriously bouncy demand to get up, get out and get some. Reassign your alarm clock track. Oh and leave your alarm/phone on the other side of the room. Yeah, that's a trick I recently learned. Maybe I'll even start doing it soon.



MORNING GLORY :: Shout (C2C remix) and Sunny (Mercury Edit II) +playlist

Morning Glory parties are springing up everywhere - and they're to be celebrated with friends and strangers alike! These early am dance gatherings are moving the party out of your pants and into the dance studio with free coffee, smoothies, yoga classes and awesome dj's that make you very very happy you got up early (I know people who started getting ready for the party at 4:45 AM). In their own words, Morning Gloryville parties are "immersive morning dance experience(s)  for those who dare to challenge morning culture and start their day in style! We’re on a soul-shaking mission to turn clubbing upside down and transform mornings into something truly remarkable."

I thank all the gods and goddesses of good times and great things that I found out about this week's SF Morning Gloryville get down in time to go to bed early and set my alarm (on the other side of the room), to make sure I got up to get down by 7am.

The dj that really got me going was doing a special house set that his soundcloud doesn't really reflect, but here's the track that got me shaking

And he played this to close out his set and the party itself. 

It was an incredible way to share sober, sunlit and sweaty time with former strangers and new friends and get a groove on... find or start one near you!



LET'S BOUNCE :: James Curd feat. Yeah Boy with a hot Miguel Campbell remix too

I've been a little stuck, looking for something to hook me, pull me, push me out of bed and into the sparkly universe we call home. I bought running shoes. The expensive kind that have little trampolines in them (well that's what they feel like). I got the squishy soft socks too. I got a target, a cool art piece I heard about that's placed on top of a big hill for another few days. But something was still missing.

Not anymore.

This track may be a few months old, but it hit me at just the right time. At first listen, the Miguel Campbell grabbed me by the hips, but then the piano, synth and video game glibs of the original got my head, well.. bouncing. So here are both for you - flip a coin and shake, sway and bounce your tail (or head) accordingly.

I'm heading up that hill!