LET'S BOUNCE :: James Curd feat. Yeah Boy with a hot Miguel Campbell remix too

I've been a little stuck, looking for something to hook me, pull me, push me out of bed and into the sparkly universe we call home. I bought running shoes. The expensive kind that have little trampolines in them (well that's what they feel like). I got the squishy soft socks too. I got a target, a cool art piece I heard about that's placed on top of a big hill for another few days. But something was still missing.

Not anymore.

This track may be a few months old, but it hit me at just the right time. At first listen, the Miguel Campbell grabbed me by the hips, but then the piano, synth and video game glibs of the original got my head, well.. bouncing. So here are both for you - flip a coin and shake, sway and bounce your tail (or head) accordingly.

I'm heading up that hill!


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