GOLD ZEBRA:: Drift Away

I've been in hiding in Montreal for the past month. That hasn't worked that well. There's ice and snow and hot beats here. Nevermind the gorgeous accents, amazing food and off the charts charisma. 
Tomorrow I drift away, again. Mais je vais revenir à toi, mon amour, je te promis.



The Marco :: LANCE I,II & III

I have a google alert for "burning man" - hilarious, I know. Impossible to keep up on, especially before I put quotation marks around it. So so dumb... just another daily email to ignore and add to my 3,000+ unread, un-valued first world internet property items. Like contemporary Oregon Trail that we actually take seriously. Ha. Whoa.

I'm not cool enough to have any idea what's going on here, but this trilogy (I doubt there is a number 4) made me laugh, feel like maybe I would fit in somewhere in this world and want to share the soundtrack to my most recent bout of procrastination/cat-like avoidance strategies.

And the second video is called 'Burning Man'



ROCK WITH YOUR BLOC OUT :: Bloc Party- Better Than Heaven

Barrel~dEM Bloc Party- Better Than Heaven
Bloc Party- Better Than Heaven

Definitely my favorite tune off Bloc Party's third album Intimacy .... Better Than Heaven is the perfect platform to show off singer Kele Okereke's vocal talents. The song begins immediately with verse over bass notes and continues until halfway through, the bass notes give way to a guitar driven climax. With lyrics like "You get sadder, the smarter you get - and it's a bore", Kele is telling us that as we lose our innocence - we can become more jaded. But that's ok because "If this world does not turn you on ... well I've got enough for the both of us". Stop thinking, start feeling ... it's only sin, original sin.

No Boats


GHOST LOFT :: Seconds.... and echoes

This song has been haunting me and I didn't know it until I heard it (again) for the first time.

What ghosts have you found in your direct view?




ELLIE GOULDING :: Tesselate, ODESZA :: Say My Name - soundtrack to the fall

It happened. After 6 solid months together, I finally fell in love with San Francisco. There was a soundtrack, of course.

I got into my app-ordered, decentralized economy ride home and found I was happily sharing it, not only with a cute'n'cozy couple in the back but these sexy tunes.

A lot of people can complain, I'm not one of them



JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW - Higher Love and Wicked Game

I love the 80s, and pretty much andything that ever makes me think of the 80s. Remarkably, James Vincent McMorrow's cover takes Steve Winwood's big huge band-tancular song and makes it shine even brighter with a gentle and synth-less call for connection.

oh and there's this...




Staying with the softly stunning sounds that seem to be what my bones, shattered or not, need, The Half Earth is really working for me.

The (unfortunately) English singer's debut EP 'Light Breaks In' (lyric from the gorgeous 'Borders', listen below) is released today. Get it on Amazon for nothing more than chump change.



HOPIUM :: Cut and Run For Your Life, Dreamers

Following the love trail from Dustin Tebbutt lead me to the dark and twisted otherside of love in Hopium. Y'know that feeling that everything is beautiful and smooth, but the sinking sensation that you're just really high on endorphins and other chemicals that just won't last... The Melbourne-based band/production trio is making me a little excited to return to the gretty grey of that city, but I know the citysads will be there to greet me.. From "Dreamers": You said this would be your year / But you fucked around, now December’s here...



It's all happening - it's all changing and getting full of art and life and awe and wonder.. and drones.

This was what the abandoned power station in my Australian hometown was like when I left eight months ago (recognize the soundtrack of my haunting)

(ghost loft - seconds)

And now it's got a name, The PowerHouse Geelong and it is the state's latest graff and street art mecca. With massive 5-storey pieces by RONE and by MAYO on the exterior, and a plethora of works by over 50 big names inside including UNWELL BUNNY, ADNATE, OHNOES, SKUBZ, POISE, DUKE, ITCH, BLACKSKYBLUE and so many more...

music - KEYS N KRATES :: Understand Why

music - DJ YODA :: Big Trouble in Little China, U No Likey That

For more info, see this Post by ABC News Geelong.



DUSTIN TEBBUTT :: Where I Find You

I like the sexy songs, it's true. But underneath it all, I'm a hopeless romantic.

This song caught my heart awhile ago and I just found it in my shazam tags, and so.. Shazam! Shaquille O'Neal just brought it back to life for me to share it with you. You're welcome. I love you too. (that's how that movie went, right?)

Check out his soundcloud for a serious soundtrack for realizing romance in winter; snow on eyelashes, oatmeal and tea, watching the ice melt, throwing snowballs, cold air laughter, falling in snowdrifts...



KILLDOZER and YANIS MARSHALL :: Nasty Boys in all the ways

The dance gods smiled upon me once again and graced me this video a few days ago

Yanis Marshall is simply killing it in commercial/vogue choreography, with insane style and strut, riding high upon his 6" heels, homopride and exquisite technique.

And then...

Killdozer's cover of Janet Jackson's "Nasty Boys" is the perfectly suited reaction that evaded me, but thankfully a more complicatedly poetic internetter shared it.

Oh Lord almighty, what WOULD Yanis do with this track... and those boys...?!!!