Julian Lozano aka JXL
Julian Lozano aka JXL

Rebel, Enlightened, Master MC, Vegan, Passionate, Activist ... just a few words to describe my bro, Julian Xavier Lozano aka JXL, a Chicago rapper whose skill is right on point. He is already releasing singles from his new album, which is out soon - Document 35, and is poised to hit the big time with his style of "in your face", positive, conscious Hip Hop.

Check out the lyrics to "Live In The Moment"

"My past I forgave it and then advanced
pulling lyrics out of my ass like a center snap
want me to keep it short and sweet like an epitaph?
Never man! I gotta pully my weight like a petty cab with this pen and pad
child at heart reppin' neverland
I was on my last leg like Lieutenant Dan
now I F'in stand on the stage you can't reprimand
peace in my DNA it is in every strand"

JXL-Live In The Moment (Produced by Downtown Music)(Lava Lab)

JXL- "You Are Not A Slave" (ft. Rico Sisney & Carla Starla) (Produced By Tone Jones)


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