FLOATING :: Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Tk Beauty (Original mix)

Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Tk Beauty (Original mix) Barrel~dEM
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Tk Beauty (Original mix)

Still as yet officially unreleased, Kollektiv Turmstrasse's track "Tk Beauty" is definitely a warm hug on a cold winter day ... or a cold hug on a warm summer day. The song was originally brought to my attention from the duo's Soundcloud mix posted last X-mas; the recommendation from my fellow soundphile, blogger and friend Scotty aka Ansible-Futurist when I was looking for a good mix to check out. I highly recommend listening to the whole thing, though the opener is definitely my favorite. It's very reminiscent of Orbital's classic tune "Halcyon".

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SUNDAY MORN SACRAMENT :: James Murphy 50 min Boiler Room DJ set

As a former Mormon, I used to bear my testimony a lot. Maybe it was getting up at the pew ... maybe it was recitng those memorized words. Whatever, the Holy Ghost was in me, now he's back -- and his name is James Murphy! STRAIGHT GOSPEL!


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THE LINE IS DISAPPEARING :: GTA 5 Wildlife Documentary | Onto The Land

Thanks to the 8-Bit Bastard crew (Chaney555, Gordymills and Shoalts), we now have a slew of fiction and now even documentaries filmed in the GTA V universe. "Onto The Land" follows the plight of prey vs predator in the struggle to survive on the island of San Andreas.

Be sure to check out all their videos in the channel, including the remakes of Boardwalk Empire, Sopranos and The A-Team.

YouTube ---- http://youtube.com/8bitbastardgaming
Facebook --- http://facebook.com/8bitbastard
Twitter ------- http://twitter.com/8bit_bastard

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WHALE OF A SET :: Moby [DanceTrippin] Space Ibiza DJ Set

Moby [DanceTrippin] Space Ibiza DJ Set Barrel~dEM
Moby [DanceTrippin] Space Ibiza DJ Set

Moby is back!!! Did he ever leave, well no ... maybe just dropped of the radar. If you think his skills have diminished, then think again and check out this mammoth hour long set from Space on Ibiza from 2013. It has some old, new and remixed Moby classics. Perfect for pre-gaming on a friday night.

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PERKED UP :: N'to - Live November 2013 WeAre Together

N'to Barrel~dEM
N'to - Live November 2013 WeAre Together

Sometimes, the universe just drops a banger in your lap. In this case it's a whole mix of bangers. I submit, for your approval N'to. I don't know much other than he was born in Marseille, France in 1985 and has been a music addict all his life. I stumbled across this live mix from November 2013 and had to share. It's got all the bells and whistles and horns. Take a peak.

That second track is killing it :)


N'to & Grant Lazlo - Minor Swag
N'to - The Sand Dealer
N'to - Petite
Worakls - Bleu (N'to Remix)
Boss Axis - Pitau (N'to Remix)
Worakls - When The Birds Go In The Wrong Way (N'to Remix)
N'to - After Laughter
N'to - Utopia
N'to - Every Wall Is A Door
Mode B - Antwerpen (N'to Remix)
N'to - 1825
Worakls - Souvenir (N'to Remix)
N'to - Trauma
N'to - T'es Triste
N'to - The Bosnian


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