I SO FUCKIN LOVE THIS :: Jonsi - Tornado (Fuck Buttons Remix)

Barrel~dEM, Jonsi - Tornado (Fuck Buttons Remix)
Jonsi - Tornado (Fuck Buttons Remix)

Imagine if your favorite song from your favorite artist got remixed by your favorite remix fuckers ... I almost died. Fuck Buttons took on Jonsi, I am forever humbled ... I may never recover. If we played this at every war zone, battle zone, border checkpoint, jail intake .... we would have no more struggle.

no boats


Symbiosis Gathering Retrospective

Symbiosis Gathering Retrospective Barrel~dEM
Symbiosis Gathering Retrospective
I recently had the pleasure of attending the Symbiosis Gathering 10-year reunion in Oakdale, California. Camping, drinking & dancing with friends, sundown to sunrise is always a great time! Such was my anticipation for Symbiosis that I threw together a little dj mix beforehand to share with my camp mates, celebrating a handful of my favorite artists on this year's lineup.
Listening to this mix since getting back from Symbiosis, I've realize it duly captures both the variety of electronic music flavors and the eclectically free-spirited vibes ever present at this year's gathering. Hope you enjoy listening to the mix! See you at the next Symbiosis 2017! They're skipping a year and relocating the fest to Oregon to coincide with the Great American Eclipse, set to occur in August 2017, and which will be the first Total Solar Eclipse visible on the West Coast since 1979!


ANCIENT GODS :: Exuma - Dambala

ANCIENT GODS :: Exuma - Dambala Barrel~dem
Exuma - Dambala

It's rare you hear a song this powerful ... that hits you to the core. This is a song about an ancient spirit that still thrives today. Dambala aka Damballa is the most important of the Voodoo gods, Damballa is the Sky Father and the primordial creator of all life. He rules the mind, intellect, and cosmic equilibrium. Damballa, as the serpent spirit and "The Great Master", created the cosmos by using his 7,000 coils to form the stars and the planets in the heavens and to shape the hills and valleys on earth. By shedding the serpent skin, Damballa created all the waters on the earth. Damballa is syncretized with either Saint Patrick, Christ the Redeemer, Our Lady of Mercy, or Moses.er watching

So, I heard this track after watching "Catch Me Daddy", which is an incredibly dark and powerful movie. There are many covers, including one by Nina Simone, but this one by Exuma is extremely tribal and powerful. Just have a listen.

Here are the lyrics:

Sing of the wings of a three toad frog
Eat weeds from the deepest part of the sea
bring the trumpet from heaven
And the fire from hell
Then nobody can break the spell

Oh Dambala, come Dambala
Oh Dambala, come Dambala

On the seventh day God will appear
On the seventh night Satan will be there
On the seventh day God will appear
On the seventh night Satan will be there

Oh Dambala, come Dambala
Oh Dambala, come Dambala

You slavers will know what it's like to be a slave
A slave to your hearts, a slave to your head
A slave to your souls, a slave to your graves

You won't go to heaven
You won't go to hell
You'll remain in your graves
with the stench and the smell

Oh Dambala, come Dambala
Oh Dambala, come Dambala

I'll melt down your walls
I'll melt down your steel guns
I'll make you dumb
I'll make you blind

Dambala send demons
Dambala send angels
Dambala send fire
Dambala send water

Oh Dambala, come Dambala
Oh Dambala, come Dambala

BONUS: Nina Simone version

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