AUGUSTE :: Slow Motion

I miss Alaska.

And I can't wait for this to be remixed. Not complaining, just..y'know



VALLIS ALPS :: THRU & everything else they've ever even looked at

 Seriously, nothing interesting or important has ever come out of Canberra (let's not get political, ok?) .. until this. (And Jessica Fairburn, but whatever)

Vallis Alps is making me choke on my sandwich and shake my ass down here. They're sticky sweet and simple songs are hooky as hell - don't let their super chill starts catch you at a place you don't want to be seen bouncing your sexy ass around (where would that even be??), each of their 4 released songs build up to bust out serious grooves that beg booty shaking.

I'm apparently within the first 3 million people to discover this bi-hemispheric duo (hailing from Seattle/Canberra according to their soundcloud page), which means that you are now among the chosen and the few. If you like them, give them some love on their TripleJ Unearthed page  - which by the way is an awesome resource for finding evermore aussie talent.

You're welcome.

And I love you.