FIFI RONG :: Intimacy (Phaeleh Remix)

I'm kind of a hippy. And I've been feeding this over the past few months with a Kundalini Dance and tantra practice. It's paying off in a lot of awesome ways, but this is not the scene for that conversation. As would be expected, the dancing through this practice is set to super sweet and hot music. My groove has been particularly vibing to this track in particular. Mad love and light to Leyolah Antara and her Kundalini Dance practice (and amazing soundcloud playlists) for the wake up call to beauty.


OKSURE :: Xylo

Ok, sure I've told you about her before but now the world is sitting up and taking notice and you wanna be in the crew that knew her when.
This track is a year old, but recent 3RRR and TripleJ radio and media attention has brought it back up for me. The rolling dark and twisted beat is signature Ok Sure and there's just enough Depeche Mode echoes to keep me going. You want this.