ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZ :: Hurt Everybody - Slept All Day (ft. Saba) [prod. Mulatto Beats]

Barrel~dEM Hurt Everybody - Slept All Day (ft. Saba) [prod. Mulatto Beats]
Hurt Everybody - Slept All Day (ft. Saba) [prod. Mulatto Beats]
For those who don't know, I recently transplanted to Atlanta aka A-Town aka the ATL aka HOTlanta (possibly due to the summers or Freak-nik, or both). I love it here, all the conveniences and activities of a big city and yet in the bosom of the polite south. What Atlanta is mostly know for, other than great southern cooking is music ... hip-hop to be true and I've experienced it's influence so much since I moved in. It was after a week of working, that I decided to hit the Korean spa in the near suburbs and turned the dial to what is the NPR / Georgia Tech radio. Now late night is always chock full of great hip-hop and even instrumentals for your freestyle parties. On this night, they happened to play this tune, which for me set itself apart because of a) the melody and b) the honesty of the singer, who I found out later was Supa Bwe. A little more research, and I discovered that these guys were not from Brooklyn or Atlanta's little 5 points but from Chicago's Westside - Hurt Everybody. So there ya go, it always comes back full circle and for me it was clear that from my days in Chicago to now my future in Atlanta - there was a connection.

ciao Noble!