RELEVANT :: Drive By Truckers - What It Means

Drive By Truckers - What It Means
Drive By Truckers - What It Means

Drive By Truckers might be one of the greatest bands of the last decade. I'd only heard of them by name until my friend Ryan offered me a free ticket to see them recently and I have to say I was expecting the same old - southern rock band. What I didn't expect was the most honest southern rock band ever. The show was incredible, a whole bunch of people and good ole' boys yelling "Fuck Trump" at one point. The band had a "Black lives Matter" poster taped to their organ. It's personal down here. Atlanta is a black city surrounded by republicans so it definitely relevant around here.

Drive By Truckers have always been political, first started in Athens GA, then then recruiting from Muscle Shoals, Alabama almost 20 years ago ... the band has significantly changed over time. Their lasted album "American Band" is a no holds barred political commentary about the state of America. Rated by Paste, Rolling Stone and Rough Trade trade as the top albums of 2016.

"What It Means" is maybe the best musical white objective song to the #blacklivesmatter movement ever. This song is one to be heard on repeat. Why are we killing each other? When will it end?


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