The Mothman Prophecies - RESTROSPECTIVE
The Mothman Prophecies - RETROSPECTIVE

You might have heard about all the Mothman type sightings in Chicago lately, something like 30 in the last 3 years all over the city.

If you don't know what the Mothman is - to try to sum it up is hard, but witnesses describe a dark bat or moth type figure, with red eyes. The folklore started in West Virginia originally. There have been books and movies made on the subject.

I'm as skeptical as they get on some things, but this mystery is close to my heart, I guess. Is this a shared psychosis? Do we really know that there aren't entities just beyond what we perceive? I thought I might go back to the movie again today, and I was really astonished at how good it was. It stars Richard Gere, Laura Linney, Deborah Messing, and Will Patton. Gere has that acting style that only Richard Gere can do, but his portrayal as an obsessed person was better than usual for him. Laura Linney was great at playing the voice of reason - even when there was none to be made. Messing had a small roll as Gere's wife - who dies right in the beginning after seeing a Mothman.

I've got to say the best acting in the movie was Patton as Gordon - who was being constantly visited and tormented. Talk about a character of neurosis - he pulled that one off big time.

The story stayed pretty close to the original reportings though 40 years later ... which kept it interesting and the musical score was bordering on very tense yet experimental. Mark Pellington directed it. He also did Arlington Road - top notch movie, Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous - along with a Pearl Jam movie and U23D. It seems he likes to mix it up a little bit. Maybe I'll even watch Jerry Maguire next - I never saw that stinker of a movie.

Definitely check out the movie - the myth, the legend. Positivity and love to all my peeps in Chicago - Rahm is one disaster too many!

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