FLO2S Review
Float therapy
These past several months might be the toughest I've seen in a long time. My health has progressively gotten worse. You see, I turned 44 this year and all these years of eating what I wanted, not exercising and partying too much, have caught up to me. High blood pressure, psoriasis and gout are the biggest culprits. Then about a month ago, I lost my job. Depression set in, and along with the physical pain - I had almost given up. Fortunately, my pain gave way to hope again and I decided I needed to really treat myself. So, I booked a 90 minute session for float tank therapy at FLO2S (pronounced Floatus) in the Little 5 Points neighborhood of Atlanta.

Now, if you aren't familiar with what this is - maybe you saw Stranger Things, where Eleven floats in a tube with a helmet and then also at the high school gym in a pool filled with saltwater. Simply put, you float in saltwater bouyant enough to keep you from sinking. The water is body temperature and if you float in the dark you start to have sensory deprivation.

I arrived at FLO2S about 15 minutes before my appointment. Since it was my first time there, I had to sign a waiver and watch a short video. After that, the receptionist led me to the tank chamber. FLO2S has 3 tanks in all - a smaller tank constructed of plastic with no lights inside, and two tank chambers that are larger and also have L.E.D. Lighting inside, should you choose to use it. The latter is what I chose. Inside is a room with a shower and changing area and the door into the tank chamber.

Once I put in the provided wax earplugs and showered - I immediately went into the tank. The water temperature was perfect as I lay on my back and adjusted to the space. It was about 7.5 feet by 5.5 feet with plenty of space to move around and get adjusted. Saltwater initially will burn places you have cuts or abrasions on your skin - but eventually, it subsides. I lay there with what must have been 10 minutes getting adjusted before turning off the lights.

Once you adjust to the darkness - things become different. I could only hear my heartbeat It's an absolute shortcut to meditation as there are no external stimuli - no Facebook, or TV or any other person to disrupt you. You can't help but reflect on your life. It was at that point I vowed to change my habits and attitude for the better.

The tank is big enough to stretch out every muscle in your body and just relax. There's no pressure on your body anywhere. You can literally sleep in there as it is almost impossible to roll over without trying. I know that tonight ... I'm going to sleep like a baby.

It seemed like 90 minutes might be too long but before I knew it music piped into the tank to tell me my time was up.

I showered and got dressed to return to the lobby. It was there, that I met Alex - one of the co-owners. He told me that the business had been there about 4 1/2 years and they were doing very well. He showed me the other 2 tanks and then we started talking about time in the tank. He assured me that if you can push it to about 3 hours in the tank - you can go much deeper into a meditative state.

I plan to go again soon and would love to go with someone else who has never experienced it. If that sounds good to you - let me know and we can schedule a time when they have 2 tanks available.

They also have massage, infrared therapy, and aromatherapy available.



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