SLINGING AMETHYST ROCKS :: Slam (movie review)

Slam movie Saul Williams

This should've been covered long ago. One of my favorite films - Slam ... which, I recently re-purchased. I had bought it before, but it was stolen. Needless to say, it is a great film. Slam is poetry - literally. Ray Joshua (Saul Williams) gets incarcerated in a D.C. jail for selling weed, at the same time his dealer got shot. Ray gets locked up and quickly discovers that he is rumored to be involved and/or implicated for his friends shooting. Faced with joining a gang, Ray comes out into the jailhouse yard with style - slinging poetry like an automatic machine gun. His dialog doesn't go unnoticed. Lauren (Sonja Sohn), who is teaching at the prison immediately takes notice.

Long story short - His words affect fellow inmates, he makes bail, he falls for Lauren who tells him that he has to go through his punishment to change. Then he goes to a poetry slam as the final act still contemplating his situation.


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