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Good Time movie
Good Time

So, I recently watched the movie Good Time by the Saftie Brothers (Ben and Josh). I have to say it is one of the best intense and also crazy depressing movies I've seen.

The premise is that Connie (Robert Pattinson) and his brother Nick (Ben Saftie) were raised by their grandmother after dad died and mom left. Nick is mentally handicapped, while Connie grew up as a product of his enviroment. He had done jail time. The movie starts with Nick in a therapists office, recommended by grandmother. He is being asked several questions about his history to which he clams up and gets offended when the therapist is taking notes. Connies bursts into the room, saying that Nick shouldn't be there and the notes are ripped up to which Connie flees with Nick.

The next thing you see is Connie and Nick trying a bank heist, which all goes wrong. Nick is arrested and sent to jail and Connie, who feels he is the only hope - attempts to help Nick - as he doesn't see his brother lasting long behind bars.

The rest of the story - which is done in true timeline fashion is Connie's attempt to save Nick

What remains is a timeline of Connie seaking and manipulating others to free his brother, and it gets incredibly intense. Connie is not a good person, even to his brother.

This movie affectedly me deeply - it almost will make you sick, but you can't stop the ride. The Saftie brothers have done and excellent job of capturing disparity in New York City.

If you like real representations of real world practices in a movie, then this is for you. But, be warned - it's not pleasant or redeeming.

I would say that this is my favorite movie of 2017 because of the raw portrayals in it. The title Good Time is the exact opposite of what is seen on screen. This night is not a Good Time, but the worst time imaginable.

The story and characters are incredible, the shots and soundtrack are perfect. Robert Pattison's performance is stellar. This movie cranks it up to 20.


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