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Ugly Delicious
Ugly Delicious
The new Netflix show - Ugly Delicious is getting a Michelin 3-star rating from me right now. Hosted by world-renowned foodie and chef David Chang, the show's 8 episodes spotlight a food or type of food that we all have come to love worldwide - pizza, tacos, home-cooking, shrimp and crawfish, BBQ, fried chicken,  fried rice, and stuffed pasta/wonton ... detailing how each came about, the cultural and regional divide of each, the stereotyping in regards to race and food, and how each is perceived around the world. It's literally the good, the bad and the UGLY on each one of these DELICIOUS foods.

Dave's style is laid back. Yet, his passion for whatever questions he seeks answers to, set the pace for great TV. He includes other chefs, food critics/experts, and celebrities while hopping from place to place in no particular order. There are stories shared and palates challenged.

One particular anecdote is about when Dave tried Nashville hot chicken for the first time. The story is animated perfectly to the narration as Dave describes having an out of body experience from the spicy heat of the chicken.

This show is truly unique. Ensure you have a lot of time on your hands (you'll want to binge) and easy access to food delivery (you'll get hungry!)

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