FUCK IT :: The Replacements - Unsatisfied

The Replacements - Unsatisfied
The Replacements - Unsatisfied
This song has always held a special place in my heart. I'd like to think it was influenced by the Stone's - Satisfaction (Can't get no). Who knows? This is genuine raw punk rock. As a fan and a recovering alcoholic, I get it. The best songs come from the worst of times. That's what the great artists are known for.

If you know the band, lead singer Paul Westerberg had a lot of troubled demons going on. You see, Paul and the band had a problem with alcohol and playing live. They were notorious!

Take for instance their later performance on SNL. Not only did they get banned from performing in the show. All Warner Bros. artists were, in effect banned.

It started with bassist Bob Stinson who was mentally ill and had self-medicated through drinking. That night, the band started creating problems with the sound check. They were too loud and the studio turned them down. The band was essentially locked in for a few hours and Bob needed alcohol, to which it was smuggled in. The host - Harry Dean Stanton, knocked on the green room door and proceeded to get fucked up with the rest of the band. During the first performance, the Replacements were at their drunken best. At one point, Paul yelled at Bob, "come on fucker" to cue his solo. At the finish, Bob did a somersault, in which he ripped his pants baring his ass. Producer Lorne Michaels was fuming and this began the banning. They were allowed to finish the show, but they wouldn't play television for another 3 years.

There are lot's of other examples, the point is that the Replacements would never be satisfied and that's why their sentiment is still gold today!

Again, I get it. We drink and we play music because something is missing in our lives. We are unsatisfied!

SNL performance:

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