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Veronica (movie review)
Veronica (movie review)
So, I had read that there's this new horror movie out that was so scary that people were not able to finish. It was a foreign movie, from Spain, dubbed in English and it was on Netflix. The title was Veronica.

I'm not easily scared, so I waited until the wee hours of the night and put it on. Veronica is the story of a young teenage girl, who is stuck taking care of her younger siblings - two girls and a boy, because her mother was always working and the father had died of unknown causes.

Vero (for short) decides that she wants to contact her dead father by using an Ouija board and decides to do the ritual during a solar eclipse with two of her classmates. During the ritual, something happens and Vero goes into a trance and passes out. Somehow, she had unleashed some demons from another place that weren't going away easily. Little does she suspect the horrors that await her and the family.

This film was great in my opinion. It doesn't have as many of the jump scares as Americans are used to from Hollywood horror films, but the sense of dread and camera angles make this a must-see film for horror fans.

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